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Family Storytelling Night


"THE Most Fun Parents Will EVER Have At Your School!"


There are Two Ways to Do This...


Option # 1...

...Invite Patrick Mitchell to Facilitate a Family Storytelling Night
® Event at Your School "Live" and "In-Person"


Option # 2...

...Get the Family Storytelling Night® KIT for Your School!


As seen at the Washington School Principals Conference in Spokane


     Or... a third option...


...Do Both of the Above!  (Invite Patrick to do an initial Family Storytelling Night "Kick-Off" Event, and Follow that up Afterwards with the KIT).




About Family Storytelling Night


For Schools, Parents, and Programs…


I.          History of Down To Earth Dad Storytelling


II.         Popular with Schools, Parents, and Programs


III.        Why Host a Family Storytelling Night?


IV.       Getting Started:  Hosting YOUR Family Storytelling Night


I.        History of Down To Earth Dad Storytelling


Family Storytelling Night has its Genesis in the 1990s, as noted in a September 1999 article titled, The Story That Must Be Told, authored by Down To Earth Dad Founder Patrick Mitchell.  The article, appearing in The Down To Earth Dad monthly newsletter, describes elements of the unique storytelling method that Mr. Mitchell created, tested, and refined after telling over 5,000 true stories of his childhood.


The Down To Earth Dad, LLC further developed the storytelling method and made it available to schools and programs across America as a resource to increase parent involvement and enhance literacy, and to create opportunities for parents to teach family and community history, heritage, culture, and language.


Patrick Mitchell appeared on national television—on the actress Cybil Shepherd’s talk show, MEN ARE FROM MARS, Women Are From Venus in October, 2000, explaining the storytelling method to millions of viewers watching the nationally televised hour-long show filmed in a Hollywood studio featuring Patrick, Cybil Shepherd, Micky Dolenz (from the band, "The Monkees"), and Micky's daughter, Ami Dolenz.


II.       Popular with Schools, Parents, and Programs

Family Storytelling Night has become enormously popular with schools and programs across America.  As a result, The Down To Earth Dad has become the unmistakable leader in facilitating entertaining (and informative) school-based and program-based storytelling events.

Having conducted over 100 Family Storytelling Night events nationwide (and internationally, such as in Micronesia at the invitation of The Commonwealth of Northern Marianna Islands Public School System), The Down To Earth Dad has trained thousands of teachers and program staff—in numerous schools, school districts, communities, tribes, cities, counties, and states—and has taught thousands of parents connected to those schools and programs exactly how to leverage storytelling for literacy enhancement and parent involvement.

III.      Why Host a Family Storytelling Night?


Schools, programs, tribes, and communities LOVE hosting Family Storytelling Night for MANY reasons.  Here are a few…


         Enhances literacy


         Gets parents INVOLVED—big time.  (Storytelling is FUN!)


         Gets DADS in particular more involved (but moms love it too…)


         Makes for THE most entertaining (and educationally enriching) ‘Family Night' you’ve EVER had — that parents will RAVE about afterward.


         Augments already-planned “parent nights” and “family nights” on your calendar throughout the year.


         Provides a “great excuse” to host parent nights and family nights all year long.


         Helps parents (and grandparents) share family (and community) history, heritage, and culture through oral storytelling activities – and can help preserve native languages.


         Starts a “lasting” storytelling tradition—at home (within families), and at school, fostering the parent-child bond and enhancing literacy.


         Gets parents volunteering more often at school—telling stories in classrooms.


         Gives schools and programs an exciting event of “REAL EDUCATIONAL SUBSTANCE”—that’s also loads of FUN!


         Celebrates Parent Involvement



IV.     Getting Started:  Hosting YOUR Family Storytelling Night


There are TWO ways to do this…


       1)  As a fully-facilitated event with Down To Earth Dad Founder Patrick Mitchell visiting your program or school “in-person” and leading the event with your families.




        2) As a ‘stand-alone’ KIT that you implement yourself.  (The KIT provides everything—all the “informational” and “physical” components you’ll need—to make your Family Storytelling Night a smashing success).


…“Click” one of the following links to proceed from here…


Family Storytelling NightFully-Facilitated” Event

(Patrick Mitchell visits your program or school “in-person”)




Family Storytelling Night “KIT”

(YOU facilitate the event – with training and resources provided in the KIT)