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The Down To Earth Dad®

Family Storytelling Night®

"An ENGAGING Resource for Schools and Programs"

Your Family Storytelling Night® activities will be EASY to implement over, and over again when you review, and apply, the “informational” components contained in the KIT, and when you use the KIT “materials” (unique crafts materials and other physical resources) at an initial BIG Family Storytelling Night® event for all your families -- and at subsequent events, and in classrooms, all year long.


'Gets Parents Actively INVOLVED at School!'


I've never seen our parents more energized and involved at our school as they were at Family Storytelling Night.  The storytelling nights really bring our families in and get them engaged in what's going on   laughing and participating, especially the dads who often aren't as involved at our other events. 

Not only is the literacy aspect valuable, but the parents are teaching their family history and heritage as well, through storytelling. You have provided us with a great way to get our parents more involved!!!


  — Kathlyn A. Wynecoop, School District 49, Wellpinit, WA


"I like the storytelling for the parents. I have talked with several parents who attended the Family Storytelling Night and they have incorporated that into their nightly routines at home!!  I like to do it with my kids also and they love to hear all the stories from my childhood and about what mom and dad did before they existed!"

Mary Reed, Family Services Director, West Central Community Services Head Start, Monmouth, IL


The KIT contains EVERYTHING you need—including ALL of the following: 

  • 12-Page Family Storytelling Night®Quick-Start Guide

  • Comprehensive Family Storytelling Night®How-To Manual

  • 2 Instructional Audio CDs

  • "Live" Coaching Sessions (by telephone) with Family Storytelling Night® Founder and Facilitator Patrick Mitchell -- to ensure your success

  • 50 Family Storytelling Night® Story StarterCards

  • Three (3) Family Storytelling Night® Promotional Flyer Samples

  • Family Storytelling Night® Press Release template (just fill in the blanks!)

  • Physical Components to Create 50 Family Storyboards™ (over 1,500 felt components and crafts items -- including 100 pair of scissors, 50 glue sticks, 50 pens, and 50 Family Storyboards™ cards)

  • Five-Year Site License

  • Opportunity to order more physical components to serve more families

  • Durable Multi-Purpose "Project Case" For Informational Components

  • 2 Official Family Storytelling Night® T-Shirts

Cost for all of the above:  $995.00


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Note:  Each individual "school," "center," or "site" needs its own Family Storytelling Night® KIT.  For example, a Head Start Program operating three Head Start "centers" needs three KITS.  Similarly, a school district serving five elementary schools needs five KITS.


By the way... you just "might" be able to Use Your Title One Funds!


Family Storytelling Night® Is EXCITING



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Do you happen to serve ELL/ESL families and/or LEP parents?  Family Storytelling Night® is superb "Family Literacy" and "Parent Involvement" for English Language Learners too!  See How.

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