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The Down To Earth Dad newsletter has been read by thousands of parents and educators for over a decade, and there've been many positive "testimonials" over the years.  To list them *all* would be impractical; however, following is a handful of testimonials for your review...

Head Start Educators…

"We love it!!!!!  We will be having a Federal Review soon.  We don't know the date yet, but I'm sure this will help in our Father Involvement area…. I think our Dads participation has risen at least 25% since our program adopted your newsletter!!!  Although our dads have always participated, now it is so very evident!  Your newsletter has made the difference.  Last year our dads logged over 425 volunteer hours for the year-end.  I am very proud of them.  Thank you! ”

-- Mary Green, Director, Sault Tribe Head Start and Early Head Start, Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

"It's such a good, good newsletter. There's not a lot of stuff out there specifically for dads.  Everything that's out there for parents is usually addressed to, and read by, females.  This shines some light on the dads." 

-- Fatima Garcia, Literacy Specialist, Naugatuck Board of Education Head Start, NY

"We enjoy your newsletter in the office as well as out in the field."

-- Cristel Barger, Northwest Tennessee Head Start

“It's an outstanding newsletter.  You are doing a fantastic job with the The Down To Earth Dad and I just wish more and more agencies would become a part of your work.  You are doing a service not only for the community, but for the world.”

-- Ranzer Turner, Family and Community Partnership Manager, Lake Community Action Head Start, Eustis, FL

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“I like the ‘voice’ that you speak to the dads in; it’s positive and down to earth.”

-- Mary Pirkola, Director, Hazel Park Head Start, Michigan

"We receive your monthly newsletter, The Down To Earth Dad, and applaud the work that you are doing promoting involved and positive parenting. I especially liked your article about uncles and the positive effects that men can have in the lives of children whose fathers are not present."

-- Ruth Elswood, Ed.D., Head Start Director, Baby Gator Educational Research Center for Child Development, University of Florida

"I've read many brochures and newsletters for dads and really found yours to be the best choice."

-- Patsy Dobbins, Family Partnership Specialist, NRCA Head Start, Radford, Virginia

"Let me start off by congratulating you on a great newsletter. As a male Head Start teacher, I found that the material included in your newsletter was relevant and extremely useful to both educators and parents alike."

-- John Medina, Head Start Teacher, Alhambra Head Start, Phoenix, Arizona


“I really appreciate your newsletter.  It’s really helped me out a lot.  It’s given me new ideas of things to do with my kids, and helped me on my path of what I want to do to get back with my kids as far as child custody and stuff.”

--Matt Jaroch, Father

"I love reading The Down To Earth Dad newsletter.  It's got a lot of good information that you can use in everyday life. It's something to read when you're sitting down or whatever. It's got lots of good ideas. It has quite a few good ideas."

--Chad Shaw, Father

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"I would like to thank u for sending me these letters.  That letter picks me up when I don't have my daughter and u help me look at the bigger picture when I am down, and being a dad I know that there are other guys that go through the same stuff I go through and I thank u for that smile.  Have a good day."

-- Christopher Mendoza, Father

Thank you very much for your newsletter, "The Down To Earth Dad."  I enjoy it, and the thoughts there-in, completely.  Keep-up the good work.

Duane D. Henricksen, Father

“I want to send you this message and tell you how much I enjoy The Down to Earth Dad newsletter. I have been a subscriber since our son Scott was about four months old. We just celebrated his 2nd birthday. Keep up the good work.”

-- Rick Andersen, Father, Idaho


"Thank you for all your hard work. We REALLY do love your newsletter and look forward to it each month."

--Dionne King, Mom, Washington

"I recently read the April issue of The Down to Earth Dad and was very impressed. My son has 6 children and lives in Chubbuck. I think having this newsletter to read would remind him how precious his role as 'Dad' is. He's awesome on his own. I just think this would be 'icing on the cake."

--Denise M. Bender, Salmon, ID

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"I think the newsletter is great. I think it's fabulous. I like the articles in it. It helps in parenting skills, for sure.  I think all men should receive this. Anyone who is interested in positive goals as a parent should get this newsletter.  This is cool for dads.  My child's father needs to read it."

--Monica Charles Harrel, Pocatello, Idaho

Pediatricians & Counselors...

“I would especially recommend this newsletter to young, inexperienced dads who are new to parenting.”

--Mark A. Brandenburg, M.D., Tulsa, Oklahoma, Author of Child Safe

"Excellent. Well written. Informative. I would definitely recommend that all dads read your newsletter. Most dads do not have the necessary tools and information required to do the job well. Love is not enough." 

--Richard H. Axel, D.C.S.W., Clinical Director, Family Solutions Parenting Center, New York, NY

“Interesting, entertaining, some light reading coupled with well- researched articles.  It would be useful with father or parent groups.”

--Jan Gallagher, President, American School Counselor Association (ASCA)

"I have received your newsletter Down to Earth Dad....It is very nice...professional, two color, very good "feel" in terms of one real dad offering himself to other dads with common interests. Good job!"

--David Knox, Ph.D., Marriage/Family Therapist

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National & State Administrators / Policy Makers...

"I just wanted to let you know that I read the September issue of “The Down to Earth Dad”.  This is a very good newsletter, critical for fathers.  It’s a very easy read and I think helpful.  Thanks for sharing!!"

--Tanya R. Howell, Program Specialist, Office of Family Assistance, Administration for Children and Families (ACF) U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Washington DC

“Through your National Dads Matter! Project and contributions to the Children’s Voice Magazine, you have remained a true champion for all America’s children and families.  The Children's Welfare League of America appreciates your effort and support in addressing the needs of children, youth and families.”

--Cassaundra Rainey, Director, Mid-Atlantic Region, The Child Welfare League of America, Washington DC

"Just received your latest newsletter. Another nice job!"

-- Nigel Vann, Director of Partnership Development, The National Center for Strategic Nonprofit Planning and Community Leadership (NPCL), Washington DC

"I just finished reviewing this month's issue of The Down To Earth Dad, and I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I really appreciate reading this newsletter. I am a dad of 4 and I find a lot of value in reading the newsletter. I appreciate your work in trying to bring Dads and kids closer together. Thanks for what you're doing!"

--Russell Barron, Administrator, Idaho Department of Health & Welfare Self Reliance Programs


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