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The Down To Earth Dad monthly newsletter is for TWO types of fathers who share ONE thing in common:  They think about fatherhood more than the average Dad.

Does that description fit you? If so, read on ...

►   If you're already a great Dad, then The Down To Earth Dad newsletter will help you *celebrate* the father you already are. And you'll get NEW ideas of things that'll optimize your quality time with your kids — things that'll enhance their cognitive, social, and emotional development because of your involvement with them.

►   If you want to BECOME a better Dad, then The Down To Earth Dad is for you  — because it'll show you how to "talk the talk, and walk the walk" of involved fatherhood in new ways.

The Down To Earth Dad is — hands down — THE best father-involvement newsletter out there. Other such newsletters focus on “marriage” or push an agenda in addition to fatherhood information, and that’s perfectly fine. However, The Down To Earth Dad doesn’t go there.

Instead, our focus is 100% on YOU, and your fatherhood experiences. Our goal is giving you tools to help you be the Dad you want to be for your children's sake — without regard to whether you’re married, single, divorced, separated, parenting solo, sharing parenting responsibilities with your child’s grandparents, or whatever. This newsletter is a great read no matter what your relationship is with your childrens' mother.

So, you can expect focused information that celebrates fatherhood with you and gives you tips and techniques to be an even better Dad — without any other "ideology" stuff thrown in there.

The Down To Earth Dad newsletter is short and to the point at four pages, and it's packed with practical easy-to-apply information that you can use RIGHT AWAY to celebrate the father you are, become the dad you want to be.

What This Newsletter Does

●    Reminds and empowers you to be the best father you can be.

●    Gives you immediately-useful information to benefit your parenting.

●    Helps you optimize your positive influence in your children's lives.

●    Gives you ideas of positive things you can do with your kids.

●    Shares insights from experts and authors from a variety of disciplines.  Lots of cool insights for Dads.

●    Delivers solid Dad-information (and some humor!), and original line-art drawings accompanying some articles.

●    Gives you the good feeling that you're doing something SUPER POSITIVE for your children.

●    Helps you celebrate the Dad you are, and become the Dad you want to be.

What This Newsletter Does NOT Do 

●    Doesn't waste your time. It’s SHORT (4 pages), so it’s a QUICK monthly read. That means you can read it on a break at work, or at home —  anytime and anywhere.

●    Doesn't drain your wallet. (It’s super-cheaply priced, even though the content is super-valuable.)

●    Doesn't talk about marriage, or go off topic and hit you with a surprise agenda.  (You won't be asked to attend a church or synagogue, or to pray. Good for you if you do those things, but that's not the topic of this newsletter.)  I go to church personally, but this newsletter doesn't "go there."  This newsletter focuses on YOU — and your FATHERHOOD only.

●    Doesn't beat you up, chastise you, or otherwise breate you for anything you're doing, or not doing, with or for your children. The newsletter helps you be the best Dad possible. Period.  It's upbeat and positive.

In Every Issue...

Each monthly issue (four pages total) contains a Feature Article about some aspect of father involvement. This article is gleaned from primary-source (often exclusive) interviews with leading experts — child development experts, MDs, child and family psychiatrists and psychologists, deans of colleges, university professors, brain-development experts, and authors — all on the topic of father involvement for the sake of children's cognitive, social, and emotional development.  These articles are easy and entertaining to read.

Every Issue ALSO Contains...

► A "Father-And-Family Activities" section showing specific ways Dads can get more involved with their children — at home or school — whether they're married or single, younger or older.

► A Father-Involvement Column focusing on humorous or thoughtful aspects of my own parenting experiences.

► A delicious (and in many cases "quick!") Recipe Dads can make at home!

About Me…

I’m Patrick Mitchell, founding editor of The Down To Earth Dad, and my philosophy for the newsletter is this:  Give Dads the best information I can, and the best value I can delivered the best way I can get it to them and help fathes become the Dad they want to be, so that they can CELEBRATAE FATHERHOOD to the maximum, whether they see their kids daily or not.

  • One of my strengths is writing and editing. I was Features Editor for a daily newspaper in a past life, and I’m currently a fatherhood columnist for Children’s Voice magazine published by the Child Welfare League of America in Washington, DC.  That means the writing and editing is top-notch, so you can expect high-quality content.
  • I founded and direct the National Dads Matter! Project across America, and I’ve appeared on national television as a fatherhood expert and on countless radio-interview programs.
  • I’ve keynoted at numerous national, state, and regional father-involvement and related conferences, traveled across the oceans to deliver my speeches, lectures, and trainings, and I’m regularly invited to speak and train at events across America.  I have high credibility in the father-involvement arena, and I'm glad to be able to count you among my fellow "Down To Earth Dads!"
  • The Down To Earth Dad Newsletter and my trainings and coachings — have reached literally thousands of Dads.  My Evening With Dads events for fathers, and my trainings for educators, are popular nationally America.  I've coached thousand of dads over the years.

IMPORTANT:  I’m not saying these things to "brag" in any way, but to tell you I know what I’m doing, and that I’m super-eager to share this cool newsletter with you!


"I want to send you this message and tell you how much I enjoy The Down to Earth Dad newsletter. I have been a subscriber since our son Scott was about four months old. We just celebrated his 2nd birthday. Keep up the good work."
-- Rick Andersen, Father

"I really appreciate your newsletter. It’s really helped me out a lot. It’s given me new ideas of things to do with my kids."

-- Matt Jaroch

"I love reading The Down To Earth Dad newsletter. It's got a lot of good information that you can use in everyday life. It's something to read when you're sitting down or whatever. It's got lots of good ideas. It has quite a few good ideas."

-- Chad Shaw

"I would like to thank you for sending me this. That newsletter picks me up when I don't have my daughter and you help me look at the bigger picture when I am down and being a dad and know there's other guys that go through the same stuff I go through. Thank you for that. Have a good day."

-- Christopher Mendoza

"Thank you very much for your newsletter, 'The Down To Earth Dad.'  I enjoy it, and the thoughts there-in, completely. Keep-up the good work."

-- Duane D. Henricksen, Boise, ID


100% Money-Back GUARANTEE…

The annual subscription rate for this newsletter is quite low (as the order form shows). But I’m still offering my “iron clad” you-can’t possibly-go-wrong MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE anyway: If you don’t like the newsletter for any reason, just send me an email within the first 90 days, and I’ll REFUND 100% OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION COST — no questions asked!

That means you're FREE from any risk here. So, you can feel GOOD about subscribing to this newsletter as a smart investment in your children and yourself. It's my most sincere pleasure to provide this newsletter to you. I hope you’ll accept my invitation and subscribe right now!


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