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“...Use Your ‘Title 1’ Funds to Get the Family Storytelling Night™ KIT...”


“Parent Involvement” and “Literacy Enhancement” are key components of the Title 1 program.  You get BOTH “parent involvement” AND “literacy enhancement” with Family Storytelling Night activities. The fact is, Family Storytelling Night is perhaps THE most “PERFECT” match for Title One Funds ever created.


The “Title 1” program is designed to:

 1)         Involve parents

 2)         Provide literacy training to students                                                                     

3)        Offer parents training, at school, on ways to work with their children at home to raise student achievement

 4)         Encourage active participation by parents in their children’s school and education

Family Storytelling Night Provides…


         A SUPERB opportunity for positive parent involvement and staff-and-parent interaction and parent education.


         An opportunity for staff-parent interaction in the name of “parent education.”

         The building of “constructive home / school relationships”

         Involvement of the family in supporting student learning


If you are…


The Principal or Program Director…


1)         Tell your TITLE 1 teacher about the Family Storytelling Night™ KIT as a resource they can use at a “kick-off” event, and then ALL YEAR LONG.


2)         Call the “Title 1” Coordinator at your School District Office and ask if Title 1 funds are available at the “district” level (instead of having to use already-committed “in-school” Title 1 funds.


3)         Ask your school PTA / PTO if they’d be willing to kick in funds to help buy the KIT, mainly because it’ll make for a FANTASTIC “FAMILY NIGHT” with a literacy hook.  Parents LOVE Family Storytelling Night events, so your PTA / PTO will, too!

If you are…


The “Title 1” Teacher…


    Ask you PRINCIPAL if you can use “TITLE 1”funds to get the KIT.

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