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“For Fathers Seeking to Optimize Parenting Success”

  1. About Coffee Club Dads™
  2. Dads Gather Weekly
  3. Includes Coaching
  4. Recreation & Educational Enrichment
  5. How Groups Form
  6. Individual Dads Can Join
  7. Programs & Schools Sponsor Dads
  8. Churches Can Join
  9. Gifts & Resources for Participants
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  1. About Coffee Club Dads™
    1. Weekly: “Dad-to-Dad” Conversations Over Coffee
    2. Coffee Club Dads small groups of men gather once a week in coffee shops, schools, and churches across America to share parenting ideas, get Down To Earth Dad coaching, and to hold fellow dads accountable to individual and collective father-involvement goals.

      Includes “Live” Coaching

      The dads gather for 40 minutes once a week--for 24 weeks--to receive coaching from The Down To Earth Dad Founder Patrick Mitchell, a nationally-known keynote speaker and trainer of thousands and parents and educators who has appeared on national television as a fatherhood expert.

      Following the weekly coaching segments (delivered via laptop computer when the dads gather at a coffee shop, and via a projected image when they meet at program or school sites), structured discussion takes place about the coaching segment and about individual and collective father-involvement goals.

    3. Monthly: Educational and Recreational Activities

      Dads (and grandpas) are famous for rough-and-tumble play, encouraging kids to try new things, teaching life lessons, and having FUN with the children they care for.  Some Coffee Club Dads small groups leverage these collective “man strengths” by planning fun, educational events for the group’s dads (and their kids) once a month. 

      Examples include bowling, kite flying, fishing, “Physics of Simple Machines” at local amusement parks, building with LEGO's, archery, ball games, the zoo, having water slide “Friction Reduction Competitions,” Saturday morning pancake breakfasts, morning building projects at hardware stores, sledding, fishing, star-gazing, swimming, BBQ's, skating, visiting toy stores and candy shops, eating snow cones, visiting science centers, and more.

  2. How Coffee Club Dads™ Groups Form

    Coffee Club Dads groups form with, and without, organizational sponsorship by programs, schools, or churches.  Individual dads not sponsored by an organization become part of an existing Coffee Club Dads group in their community--or they help to start a new group.  Schools and programs, on the other hand, can register several dads at once, effectively maintaining spaces for a "revolving door" of multiple participating men over the course of a school or program year.

    Three ways Coffee Club Dads groups spring to life:

    1. Individual Dads

      Dads not affiliated with a sponsoring school, program, or church can fill out the Individual Dads Application to apply for placement in a Coffee Club Dads small group in their local community--a group comprised of other men who are also not sponsored by an organization.  Successful individual-dad applicants receive father-involvement gifts and resources from The Down To Earth Dad upon joining Coffee Club Dads.

    2. School and Program Sponsorship

      Preschools, elementary schools, and child-and-family-serving programs can enhance father involvement by sponsoring Coffee Club Dads groups for their men. Great things happen when dads get involved. Research shows, for instance, that children get a full letter grade higher in all subjects when their father has a high level of involvement in their child's school (National Center for Education Statistics, 1999).

      Complete the Schools and Programs Application to “beef up” your existing dad’s group, or to start a new one by stirring Coffee Club Dads into the mix.

    3. Church Sponsorship

      Dads belonging to church-oriented “men’s groups”--such as "Bible Study" or “accountability” groups--can augment current morning gatherings by adding Coffee Club Dads™ activities and resources, thus bringing a father-involvement focus to the table. Additionally, churches hoping to start a new group can use Coffee Club Dads as the vehicle, or “shell,” to do just that.  Filling out the Churches Application gets churches started sponsoring a Coffee Club Dads group for their men.

  3. Gifts and Resources for Participants

    Men joining Coffee Club Dads as individuals; that is, without organizational sponsorship, receive the following gifts and resources from The Down To Earth Dad upon successful registration.   (Sponsoring organizations receive 10 or more sets of the following to distribute to their men).

    1. Down To Earth Dad™ Coffee Mug or Cold Beverage Container
    2. 12-month subscription to The Down To Earth Dad--now in its 11th year of national publication ($97.00 value)
    3. Personal telephone coaching session with The Down To Earth Dad Founder Patrick Mitchell or a member of The Down To Earth Dad coaching team. These coaching calls take place at pre-specified call-in times during your Coffee Club Dads membership period.
    4. Support materials and coaching for your Coffee Club Dads group facilitator. The facilitator receives the Coffee Club Dads™ Quick Start Guide and other helpful information to optimize your group’s success.
    5. Discounted coffee at weekly meetings, where possible.
  4. How to Sign Up...