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"If you’re a parent, you need to take the role seriously. You’re hurting a child emotionally when you’re not there."
Joshua Colon, Boston, Massachusetts    
A National Dads Matter!™ Project Father    

"Love your kids, respect them, and be there for them. Put 100% into your kids, or else it’s not going to work."

Todd McKee, Illinois

""I just want her to do the things she wants to do in her life and achieve her goals.""

Shane Grafton, Illinois

"None of us are going to be here again, so I try to get as much time as I can out of each and every day with my children."

William Elgin, Illinois

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"Pay attention to what your kids are doing. A lot of the dads that I see, they don’t really pay attention to their kids."

Christopher Renner, Illinois

"You’ve got to encourage them, listen to them, and educate them. Mold them. Guide them."

Jim Miller, Illinois

"A good father needs to be a good role model. A dad should show his children the positive side of life and teach them well."

Timothy Thomas, Illinois

"Just listen to them and make sure that you’re around. Your children need you."

James Raska, Illinois

"Pay attention to your children— lots of attention. Play with them, and give them what they want."

Aaron Wolf, Illinois

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"Try to listen the best you can, and raise them the best you can, so that they become a good person. Help your kids stay off drugs. Play with them."

Jose Rios, Illinois

"If a child grows up without a father, then they are going to fill that void with something else and that may not be a good thing."

Matt Burton, Illinois

"I play house with her now and then. She’s even gotten me into a tea party a couple of times."

John Turpin, Illinois

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"“Keep the communication lines open between you and your kids. Regardless of what your kids do, they need to know they can always come and talk to you or their mother.""

Jonathan Baker, Illinois

"I get happy every time I see him. I wonder how he's going to grow up and how life will be for him, what kind of man he's going to grow into."

Derron Washington , Illinois

"Whatever I do, it's because of the love that I have…. She always says, ‘I love you Daddy, you are the best.’"

Jesus Urbina, Illinois

""I think it’s sad more dads don’t get involved with their children. They’re missing out.”"

Cory Link, Illinois

"He's getting big. He has vocabulary, a look, a talk, and a walk. Sometimes I can see myself in him."

Brian Smith, Circleville, Ohio

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"You have to sit down with your kids and you have to talk to them. You give them a better shot in life if you're really involved with them."

Toby Myers, Illinois

"I couldn't imagine my life without him, that's for sure. He just brings my spirit up. If I'm ever down or worried about things, I just look at him."

Josh Marsh, Illinois

"I get irritated in the grocery store when I see parents yelling at their kids and cursing. That's not the way you talk to your kids."

Chuck Kinkaid, Illinois

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"I'm going to be as good of a father to him as I can be. That's the only reason I get up and go to work every morning— because of him."

Matthew Lindsey, Lockbourne, Ohio