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"Even if maybe you’re not with the mother, be a part of their lives. That speaks volumes and it does volumes for them."
Tim Fayson , Troy, Alabama    
A National Dads Matter!™ Project Father    

"I try to teach them honesty and how to treat everyone fairly…. If they do that, they will get along with anybody. To be honest is the most important thing."

Daniel Genisio, Galesburg, Illinois

"She will come up to you and hug you and tell you she loves you and you just know it's true. It's awesome. It makes me think I'm doing a good job."

Brian Cook, Monmouth, Illinois

"I want to be someone that they’re proud to look up to and call ‘Dad.’"

Travis Snyder, Monmouth, Illinois

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"I’m dedicated to being a father for life…. Family should be number one in everyone's life."

Brandon Ramirez, Galesburg, IL

"My kids keep me going. They’ve made me a man."

Delbert Thompson, Kirkwood, Illinois

"I think the kids trust you more when you’re a part of their lives at an earlier level and they know you'll always be there."

Ronnell Capers, Galesburg, Illinois

"Fatherhood is very rewarding and challenging. Those kids keep you going."

Chris Klick, Monmouth, Illinois

"Everybody makes mistakes. It’s better to learn and move on than to sit and dwell on a mistake."

Robert Faulkner, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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"Be there for your kids. Sometimes you have to put your own wants and desires aside for their success."

Eric Anderson, Idaho Falls, Idaho

"Every day is a new adventure because I’m learning something new about parenthood all the time."

Benji Stamer, Cherokee, North Carolina

"You only get one chance to make a good impression with your children. You should not blow it."

Bobby Brady, Cherokee, North Carolina

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"The number one thing is just being there for them, and letting them know that you’re there to back them up."

Michael Douglas, Hayden, Idaho

"When I grew up I had no dad. I often felt a little empty inside. I try to be the best father I can possibly be to them."

Victor Wildcatt, Cherokee, North Carolina

"If you start being involved with your kids from the start, it’ll make your relationship with them so much stronger as they grow older."

Alex Delgado, Groveland, Florida

"I tell kids, ‘You can be whatever you want to be. You just have to be focused and believe in yourself.’"

Velda Hall, Hamilton, Ohio

"Since becoming a dad, I view the world a lot differently. I understand more clearly now the importance of family values. I never grasped it until I became a father. I now try to instill in my children those same values my parents tried to instill in me when I was growing up."

Charles Ellison, Leesburg, Florida

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"I can only do what’s in my power to do. I try to do the best I can."

Matt Jaroch, Boise, Idaho

"I try to set the example as to what a good male role model should be because I did that with my dad. I observed his actions growing up and find myself repeating them now that I’m a father myself."

Germaine Shelby, Middletown, Ohio

"Anything worth having is not easy to come by. You have to work at being a good dad."

Ranzer Turner (Left), Eustis, Florida

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"The attention and the service the children get from (Head Start) is amazing. No other program in the area rivals it."

Jason Eagleman, Sylva, North Carolina