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"Youíve got to encourage them, listen to them, and educate them. Mold them. Guide them."
Jim Miller, Illinois    
A National Dads Matter!™ Project Father    

"As difficult as it can be, being a single father, donít give up. Itís important that they know that youíre there for them."

Kyle Reynolds, Idaho Falls, Idaho

"If you expect the best out of your children, you've got to give them the best."

Roy Daniels, Minneola, Florida

"Just stick with it. Bite the bullet. Make sure you take time out of your busy schedule to devote to your children."

Scott Goodman, Hamilton, Ohio

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"Iím sad about my (divorce) situation, but I just have hope for the future, knowing that Iím going to be these guysí father for the rest of their life. That excites me."

Ryan Hancock, Idaho Falls, ID

"A child needs that love. Someoneís got to show that to them. A child needs to know that thereís someone out there who cares for them and has their best interest at heart."

Ronnie Torres, Waco, Texas

"I understand there are some parents who work all the time, but I canít stress the importance of doing whatever it takes to make room for your kids. They should be your priority."

Donnell Brown, Eustis, Florida

"Once you become a dad, itís not about you anymore; itís about your kids, and they come first."

Chris Jones, Nampa, Idaho

"Get involved! Every parent needs to be there for their kids and make sure they grow up right and are steered in the right direction. Your kids' childhood only comes around once. Once theyíre grown, thatís it."

Ty Jackson, Dorchester, Massachusetts

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"Wake up, smell the coffee, and get with the program. If youíre not involved with your kids, thereís a strong likelihood theyíre going to turn into some really bad apples, and we already have enough of those in our society. But not only that, thereís a great chance that later in life youíll realize what a mistake you made by not being there for your kid. And by then, it may be too late."

Victor Rios, Brighton, Massachusetts

"Make sure that your kids know that you love them."

John Hoonhout, Boise, Idaho

"I tell my kids that we all know when weíre doing something that isnít that great, and that itís okay to make mistakes and try to correct those things and go in the right direction again."

Pete Kuber, Post Falls, Idaho

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"Even if I'm not there all the time, I can at least be there for my children financially the best I can."

Mark Pledger, Post Falls, Idaho

"Thereís help. Just look around and youíll find it."

Chase Hornaday, Twin Falls, Idaho

"The father needs to be there, especially with boys. They need that male role model. Without a father at home, a lot of times children donít have that authoritative figure or that person to try and emulate."

Jim Huff, Middletown, Rhode Island

"I read with them every day. At night I try to reinforce what they're learning at school."

Henry Simas, Newport, Rhode Island

"Read to your children. Show them affection. Be there for them so they can learn from being around their father."

Richard Ratcliff, Newport, Rhode Island

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"The little things are what matter: Giving them hugs and kisses at night, tucking them in, cuddling and watching movies on the couch, reading books."

Bennie Plummer, Middletown, Rhode Island

"They [Head Start] have a lot of parent involvement. They always have events that involve the parent and the child."

Gerald Wimbish, Newport, Rhode Island

"When my kids go there (to Head Start) itís like ĎBOOM!í their eyes just immediately light up."

Jon Williams, East Providence, Rhode Island

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"Spend time, encourage them, and love themÖ. Thatís the biggest thing."

Mark Simoes, Tiverton, Rhode Island