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"Your heart has to be involved. Your heart pretty much will lead you where you want to go."
Lyle Katchia, Warm Springs, Oregon    
A National Dads Matter!™ Project Father    

"Every now and then they want material things, but the most important thing is time. It costs you nothing."

Danna Brown, Omaha, Nebraska

"We are starting to raise a generation of young parents who are starting to understand what involved men can bring to society."

Craig Hinson, Omaha, Nebraska

"Show that you love and care for them. Donít take your kids for granted."

Brent Chapman, Hannibal, Missouri

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"You cannot raise a kid by yourself. You can try, but youíve got to have help. It takes a community to raise a kid."

Herbie Cornelius, Roxbury, Massachusetts

"Any man can have kids, but it takes a real man to be a father."

Bobby Lewis, Boston, Massachusetts

"Itís very important for a father to be there for his kids."

Alberto Roman, Boston, Massachusetts

"If youíre a parent, you need to take the role seriously. Youíre hurting a child emotionally when youíre not there."

Joshua Colon, Boston, Massachusetts

"Itís a lot more comfortable being a grandfather. I think one thing is that we give these grandkids unconditional love. We have a very close family. I know that our children felt that love. I really enjoy being a grandparent. "

Fred McMurray, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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"Donít be afraid to laugh. Respect what they have to say. Prepare them for their future. Nurture them."

John White, Post Falls, Idaho

"If you listen, they look at you in a different way. Itís one of the most amazing things Iíve ever seen. If you donít listen to them, you feel this pain, and you feel this hurt, because you see their face kind of fall, and if you snap, ĎWhat?!í or ĎWhat do you want, Iím trying to work?!í, you see their face fall. I personally canít deal with that. It hurts me too much."

Jesse Lorhan, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

"I kiss them on the forehead. My kids donít even bother to get embarrassed. They know to just lean that head forward."

Eric Seaman, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

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"I donít care how you do it, but get involvedÖ. They need your time."

Jeff Farmer, Eustis, Florida

"Show them unconditional love. Help them set goals, and just be a positive influence in their life."

Robert Bates, Clermont, Florida

"Itís just the way my kids look at me. It makes it worth being a father. They really look up to me."

Chris McFarland, Leesburg, Florida

"Iím a firm believer that parents are the first teachers of their children."

Desmond Harris, Leesburg, Florida

"Dads have to play a bigger role in their kidsí life because thereís so much going in the world. If you want your kids to have a fair chance in life, you have to make sacrifices. Youíre not going to be able to go out all the time. Youíre going to have to spend quality time with your kids in order to give them that fair chance in life and lead them in the right direction."

Akida Holloway, Leesburg, Florida

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"You have to make time for your kids. If you donít have time for your kids, you donít have time for yourself."

Chris Burnett, Eustis, Florida

"A father should be all that he can be and set the example for his children."

Reginald Patterson, Clermont, Florida

"Keep doing what has to be done. Itís hard to do for a single dad, but keep at it and everything will go alright."

Driscoll Davis, Warm Springs, Oregon

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"Just be there. Be a constant there, no matter what."

Kevin Smith, Sr. , Warm Springs, Oregon