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"“Keep the communication lines open between you and your kids. Regardless of what your kids do, they need to know they can always come and talk to you or their mother.""
Jonathan Baker, Illinois    
A National Dads Matter!™ Project Father    

"Hey, they’re our kids. Let’s take care of them and give them all the support we can and just let them be kids."

Clinton BruisedHead, Warm Springs, Oregon

"Show them you love them and pay attention to them. We had a part in bringing them into this world, so t's up to us to take care of them."

Anthony Anderson, Warm Springs, Oregon

"Your heart has to be involved. Your heart pretty much will lead you where you want to go."

Lyle Katchia, Warm Springs, Oregon

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"There’s nothing more important in life than to spend time and listen to your children."

Matthew Robbins, Post Falls, Idaho

"I’m not just a father for my own kids; I’m trying to be a father for the community’s kids."

Demitrius McLendon, Ozark, Alabama

"If you're working a minimum-wage job, you don't have to buy them everything they want. Just help with their hopes and dreams."

Ronald Marshall, Monroe County

"Spend time with your children. Listen to them, and be there for them whenever they need you."

Vidblain Mora, Troy, Alabama

"Even if maybe you’re not with the mother, be a part of their lives. That speaks volumes and it does volumes for them."

Tim Fayson , Troy, Alabama

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"Make sure they have the best that you can give them. Be a good dad. Take care of them. Take care of your responsibility. "

Michael McWilliams, Troy, Alabama

"I think one of the most important things a father can do for his children is teach them the importance of being themselves, and what I mean by that is ‘self-worth,’ giving them an example to follow and making sure that we as fathers pass down good morals and make sure our children have respect for themselves and for all mankind."

James Starks, Elba, Alabama

"I’m basically there to keep them motivated. It’s one of the reasons I just love being a father."

Marcus Lewis, Ozark, Alabama

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"Enjoy it. It doesn’t last forever. They are only children for a short time."

Ted Sobay, Ozark, Alabama

"If you have morals, right and wrong, you’ll have respect for yourself. If you don’t’ respect yourself, no one else well. "

Casher Lewis, Elba, Alabama

"She told me the other day, ‘Daddy, I don’t like you,’ and I said, ‘Now why would you say that?’ and she said, ‘Because I love you as big as the sky.’"

Andre Perez, Brundidge, Alabama

"…I woke up with makeup on my face, I had fingernail polish everywhere but on my fingernails, I had lipstick on my nose, and I had a comb in my hair."

Antonio Ordon, Elba, Alabama

"Love your kids. Be there for them. Be that strong figure in their life. Never turn your back on them."

Recike Johnson, Union Springs, Alabama

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"If you have childish things on your mind, you won’t grow up and neither will your kids. When you become a parent, everything revolves around the child. No more you anymore."

Willie Toney, Troy, Alabama

"The main thing is you need to be there for the kids. You want to be a positive role model for them."

Jeffery Dean, Headland, Alabama