Crock Pot Porker Recipe Day

 Crock Pot Porker

This hearty recipe is perfect for the cold days of Winter that lie ahead. Your kids will most likely ask for seconds, so you may want to double the recipe.  In The Down To Earth Dad’s kitchen, we like to serve this meal with hot corn bread (butter, honey, and jam on the side), and salad.  This dish is bound to be a favorite in your house for years to come.  It’s simple, but boy is it good.

Crock Pot Porker Recipe


2 lbs. Country spare ribs 

1 14-oz. can Diced tomatoes

1 cup Cauliflower 

1 cup Sliced onions

1 cup Sliced carrots

1 cup Broccoli

2 cloves Chopped garlic

Dash Salt & pepper 

1 tsp Basil 

4 Potatoes Sliced potatoes

Start cooking early in the day so things can simmer a long while before you serve dinner.  To start out, boil the pork for 45 minutes (add a little oil to the water first).  Put the boiled pork into a crock pot (or other large pot).  Add potatoes cut into thirds, sliced onion, sliced carrots, garlic, salt and pepper to taste, cauliflower, and diced tomatoes from a can.  Put that on low for a few hours.  Slow cooking is the key with this dish.  This recipe serves four.

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