Recent & Upcoming Events

Keynotes, Trainings, and Family Events


  • Eastern Seaboard Education Association Slates Patrick Mitchell Keynote Address 
  • Down To Earth Dad Trains Alabama Early Childhood Team, Facilitates Family Night
  • Midwest Education Association Reserves Patrick Mitchell Keynote Address
  • New Mexico Pueblo Slates Father-Involvement Training and Family Literacy Event
  • American Indian Early Childhood Program Books Down To Earth Dad Staff Training
  • Head Start Program Reserves Patrick Mitchell Virtual Staff Training For August


  • Patrick Mitchell Keynotes South Carolina Statewide Education Conference 
  • Minnesota Preschool Hosts Patrick Mitchell Training and Family Literacy Night
  • Oregon Native American Early Childhood Program Hosts Patrick Mitchell Events
  • California Early Childhood Program Gets Staff Training and Family Literacy Night 
  • Oregon Pre-K Program Hosts Down To Earth Dad Staff Training and PFCE Night 
  • Pennsylvania Teachers Get Patrick Mitchell Training, Facilitated Early-Literacy Night
  • California Preschool Program Books PFCE Family Night and Staff Training
  • Alabama Families, Educators Host Patrick Mitchell Family Night, Staff Training
  • South Carolina Early-Childhood Educators get Patrick Mitchell Pre-Service Training
  • Patrick Mitchell Trains California Public Preschool Team, Provides Family Night
  • The Down To Earth Dad Keynotes Idaho Statewide Early Childhood Conference.
  • Kentucky School District Gets Family Storytelling Night KIT for Bilingual Family Literacy Night.

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