The National Dads Matter! Project Presents:


Idaho Dads Matter is an effective parent-engagement celebration featuring  fathers, grandfathers, and other special men who visibly excel at educating, supporting, and interacting with their children across the State of Idaho.  This localized version of The National Dads Matter!™ Project spotlights engaged parenting across Idaho service areas.

The Understanding Dad

…He Gets Worn Down, but He Rallies for More!
— James (Jay) Aragon, Post Falls

The Busy Dad of Four

…He Takes Fatherhood Seriously—with a Dose of Humility
— Chad Oswald, Post Falls

The Adaptive Father

…He’s Ready to Evolve Daily as a Dad
— Kevin Cederquist, Coeur d’Alene

The Intentional Dad

…He Parents with Purpose and Practice
— Clinton Blettner, Coeur d’Alene

The Gardening Grandpa

…He Makes the Most of Living Close
— Ken Greggor, Kuna

Grandparenting Theory and Practice

…Instills His Philosophy at School and Home
— Randy Jensen, American Falls

The Positive-Affirmations Dad

…He Tells His Sons, ‘You Can Do It!’
— Robert Cook, Notus

The Dive-Right-In Dad

…Trusts His Ability to Communicate with his Son
— C.J. Stark, Coeur d’Alene

The Day-to-Day Dad

…He Demonstrates His Affection 24/7
— Marcel Korvela, Kuna

The Protector Dad

…He’s Preparing His Daughter for the Future
— Mark Maland, Juliaetta

The Work-and-Play Dad

…He Teaches His Son Timing and Balance
— Robert Watters, Sandpoint

The Time-Conscious Dad

…He Values Today while the Clock Ticks Away
— Joey Few, Sagle

The Fisher of Moments

…He Makes Time to Interact with His Children
— Dylan Herman, Sandpoint

Operation Fatherhood

…The Task at Hand is Being the Best Dad Possible
— Mike Lacroix, Cascade

The ‘Dad-Mom’ of Marsing

…He Takes Both Roles and Makes Good Things Happen
— Jason Sevy, Marsing

The Vacation-Loving Dad

…Every Day is a Holiday When You Have Family
— Josh Naylor, Island Park

The Well-Balanced Dad

…He’s Always on the Job—at Work and Home
— Tad Brown, Kendrick

The Interactive Dad

…He Puts His Children First and Foremost
— Nick Millward, Pocatello

The Time-Conscious Dad

…He Puts His Son at the Top of His Priorities
— Ben Abbott, Nampa

The Bug-Catching Dad

…He’s Ready to Help His Kids Meet their Goals
— Mike Garmire, Greenleaf

The Ever-Improving Dad

… He Self-Evaluates His Parenting Frequently

— Dane Burton, St. Anthony

The Interested Dad

… Gives His Children Time and Attention
— Scott Wood, Pocatello

The Ready-to-Help Dad

…. Puts His children at the Top of His Priorities
— Steve Keaveney, McCall

The Good-Efforts Dad

… He Strives to be ‘Present’ to His Children Daily
— Kadyn Hess, Burley

The Interactive Dad

…He Prioritizes Doing Things with His Family
— Herb Mason

The Ready-To Parent Dad

…He Tells His Children Daily that He Loves Them
— Trevor Everill

The Singing Dad

…He Encourages His Daughter to Dance in Life
— Alejandro Aguinaga

The On-The-Job Dad

…He Sacrifices Wants for Needs and Learns as He Goes
— James Cureton

The Sage Dad-Grandpa

…He Listens More Than He Talks, and Kids Have Lots to Say
— Rick Rodgers

The Poundering, Patient Dad

…He Listens, Learns, and Parents Accordingly
— Daniel Hamrick, Nampa

The Does-What-He-Can Dad

…He Gives Parenting His Best Shot
— Justin Starkey, Hayden

The Ever-Ready Grandfather

…He Shares His Life Lessons
— Tim Mowery, Coeur d’Alene

The Tries-Hard Dad

…He Sings the Song of Fatherhood Proudly
— Mike Gallagher, Post Falls

The Cowboy Dad of Castleford

…He Teaches his Kids to Dust off and Get Back Up in Life
— Matt Severe

The Always-Learning Dad

…He Discovers New Things Daily
— Challen Sevy, Parma

The Philosophical Dad

… He Shares His Love for Life
— Michael Ballantyne, Soda Springs

The Book Smart Dad

…He Reads with His Children
— Brandon Isle, Rexburg

The Always-Teaching Dad

…Gives His Daughter Tools for the Future
— Cody Long, St. Anthony

The Tuned-In Supportive Dad

…He Stays Positive and Listens to His Kids
— Steven Hill, Burley

The Present, Playful Dad

…He Optimizes Time with His Children
— Wyatt Russell, Parma

The Model-Building Dad

…He Crafts Memories with Every Plane
— Derek Jolley, Springfield

The Memory-Making Dad

…He focuses on Creating Lasting Memories with Each Child
— Eric Torres, Rigby

The Knows-His-Kids Dad

…’Understanding Each Child is Crucial’
— Alan Newman, Menan

The Tuned-In Dad

…He Treats His Children as Individuals
— Kyle Ramay, Mountain Home

The Blueprint for Bonding Dad

…He Understands the Importance of Mutual Respect
— Harry Lowenthal, Victor

The Patient and Kind Dad

…He Sets an Example for His Daughter to Follow
— Billy Cyr, Driggs

The Exploration-Loving Dad

…He Tunes into His Daughter’s Interests
— Adam Collett, Rexburg

The Adventure-Seeking Dad

…He Believes in Making Every Moment Count with His Kids
— Kirk Wahlen, Rexburg