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Head Start team members having fun at a Down To Earth Dad staff training in Louisiana.

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The Down To Earth Dad® professional-development staff trainings—for individual Head Start and Early Head Start programs and schools, and for regional, state, and local education associations—are highly-interactive events interlaced with lots of entertainment.

Chances are good your team will say afterwards this was the most FUN training they ever attended!

These In-service and Pre-service professional development events are designed to have a lasting positive impact on new and experienced staff, and they help bring about lasting, positive outcomes for the children and families connected to the programs and schools hosting these high-quality trainings.

The trainings take place in your gym, lunchroom, or other meeting space.

Your team will:
  • Learn *exactly* how to talk to men so they’ll listen.
  • Learn and practice stress-reduction strategies.
  • Celebrate maternal and paternal parenting styles
  • Learn tried, tested, and perfected techniques to get (and keep) men optimally engaged.
  • Be motivated and entertained by the trainer, by cool audio-visuals, and by each other!
  • Learn how to motivate your dads’ employers to support father engagement by letting your men attend your family events.
  • Share individual and small-group visions for enhanced father engagement, and set goals for positive outcomes all year long.
  • Bond closer as a team.
  • Have fun!

The Down To Earth Dad staff trainings—whether during the school year or in summertime—help early childhood educators, programs, tribes, and community partners optimize father/grandfather engagement and enhance children’s cognitive, social, and emotional development.

NOTE:  There are many other topics/trainings/breakouts available—from PFCE early-literacy-enhancement storytelling (and peer-to-peer storytelling) to trauma-informed care and much more.  Let’s customize what works best for your staff/attendees!

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