Virtual Staff Trainings

Head Start team members having fun at a Down To Earth Dad staff training in Louisiana.

Book a VIRTUAL Staff Training Instead!

Patrick Mitchell’s in-person professional- development trainings are a BLAST!

But some programs can’t host in-person guest trainers right now because of COVID-19.

They need virtual trainings instead.

Here’s a way such programs can get the same ROCK-SOLID staff training Patrick normally provides in person, but as a virtual training delivered LIVE from afar.

BE ASSURED:  This high-quality training—as a Preservice or Inservice event—will have the same lasting positive impact on new and experienced staff, and will bring about the same lasting, positive outcomes for your children and families as when Patrick visits your program personally.

How It Works…

Patrick appears on a projection surface at the front of your training room as-if he’s right there.  Coordination with your technology team is needed to ensure smooth audio/visual interactions.

Your Team Will:

  • Learn *exactly* how to talk to men so they’ll listen.
  • Learn and practice stress-reduction strategies.
  • Learn tried, tested, and perfected techniques to get–and keep–men optimally engaged.
  • Be motivated and entertained by the trainer, by cool audio-visuals, and by each other!
  • Share individual and small-group visions for enhanced father engagement, and set goals for positive outcomes all year long!
  • Bond closer as a team.
  • Get the exact same training that Patrick would provide if he were there in person with you.
  • Accomplish other training objectives.

Book your Virtual Staff Training Today.

(Or book an in-person Down To Earth Dad staff training if you can.  Either way, we’re going to have fun!)

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